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Installing a Roof Slate Alternative

Installing a Roof Slate Alternative

The Roof Slate Alternative for Your Pitched Roof

Britmet Tileform are the excellent producers of lightweight roof tiles, made to make introducing a pitched roof speedier and simpler. The entirety of their tiles are made with an Aluzinc steel for additional quality and covered with a particular predominant covering for master insurance. Introducing these sorts of tiles implies that your roof doesn't need to be as fundamentally solid and the tiles weigh around a seventh of the heaviness of their partners. There is the Plaintile which is the option in contrast to a conventional plain tile. The Villatile would be utilized as opposed to introducing a twofold roman tile. The Ultratile is utilized as an option in contrast to a conventional pantile. The Profile 49 lightweight tile gives your roof the appearance of a British shape tiled roof. At last, the Slate 2000 makes your roof incredibly appealing simply like a customary record would. In any case, you can in any case add a pitched roof window to your lightweight roof tiles.

Having a Slate Roof can give you a stylish and modern look which is rare for a traditional product that has been on roofs for years. Although harder to install than Roof Tiles and the fact that you most definitely would need a professional installer to apply your pitched roof. Roof Slates look amazing when on your roof. However, when you are thinking of installing roof slates, we offer an alternative. At Roof Traders we have a product that is manufactured by Britmet Tileform. The Slate 2000 is an exact Roof Slate Alternative to act as a replacement on your pitched roof. As well as the slate replacement they also offer Roof Tile Alternatives for your choice of pitched roof.

The Slate 2000 lightweight roof tile gives your pitched roof appearance of a regular slate tile. What mind blowing about the Slate 2000 is that it weighs about a seventh of a customary slate making it altogether more straightforward to pull around your property. The 1.2m length of tile makes it spread 5 tiles worth of roof space, making it speedier and progressively capable to lay your roof. Being essentially lighter furthermore infers the roof shouldn't be as on a very basic level strong as it would be with standard slate. The Slate 2000 can be presented on pitched roofs of 12-degrees or above. They are made of Aluzinc steel and an incredibly unmatched covering.

Britmet are master in providing the UK roofing industry with creative lightweight roof tiles. Their scope of lightweight tiles offers an elective tiling choice for your pitched roof. They are a fantastic item, that are accessible in an assortment of shapes, sizes and hues, making them ideal for a wide scope of pitched roof establishments, incorporating roofs with a rooflight or bay window. Regardless of whether you're introducing the tiles on a house, carport or augmentation, they offer the broadest scope of lightweight tile roofing frameworks in the UK roofing market. The scope of Britmet Tileform lightweight roof tiles offer a speedier and simpler establishment, because of their lightweight, this additionally makes establishment more secure than when normal roof tiles are being introduced, for example, materials like cement or dirt.

Explanations behind picking Britmet Tileform lightweight roof tiles, and what they bring to the table?

Protected from vandalism – Protect your property with a scope of vandal proof arrangements, with the most grounded and most secure roof finish.

Low-pitch – They take into account establishment on roofs with a pitch as low as 5°, again adding to their items' flexibility.

Lightweight – Their tiles are 7x lighter than conventional roofing materials (for example mud or solid) making establishment significantly simpler.

Brisk Installation – Designed to be introduced up to 10x quicker than customary roofing materials which gives less hazard to roofers working from a stature for a shorter timeframe.

English Profile – Brimet Tileform are the UK's biggest lightweight roof tile producer, providing the UK roofing market with the biggest scope of lightweight roof tiles for pitched roofs.

Warm Roofing – Well protected and fitted with weatherproof films takes into consideration a protected roof (and home).

Level Roofs – Offer a level roof to pitched roof transformation through an item they call 'Britframe'.

Accessorise – Wide scope of water products, soffits. facias and park home outside paints to help give your pitched roof the ideal completion.